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15th-Jul-2011 09:29 pm - Sorry guys.
♡ We kiss and fall in love
...If it's not obvious by now, I'm not active. ; ; I'm sorry, I love it here, but I just. I don't have the drive for it right now. I love you all, and you're super amazing. I'll probably be back in the future, don't worry, but right now? I just... Can't do this.

So Xehanort is going to go looks for his babies. Xaldin's going to go look for his bro. And Vanitas is just... Going to get bored with school and go terrorize people, knowing Ventus is somewhat safe and he doesn't have to worry about his other dying horribly.
15th-Jul-2011 12:57 pm(no subject)
to make the flame grow higher
Time for another hiatus. I have a funeral tomorrow followed by a small convention and then Sunday, I leave to go on a plane out to Atlantis!

Or at least the Atlantis hotel in Nassau. So i won't be back for ten days because I only intend to bring my phone with me for Twitter and that's all.

See you all when I get back
14th-Jul-2011 02:19 pm - So.... 8D Haitus still
I was supposed to be back a while ago, but 1. I stupidly agreed to do character design over the summer for a student short, and 2. LJ was being a jerk and not working on my comp. So I thought I could come back now but, I'm going to Estonia next week for a month so I will be back after that I promise XD And I remembered to make it official this time lol
14th-Jul-2011 02:18 pm - POLL TIME
Hold on let me think up a meme
It's a little soon for a full-blown event, but I figure that it's far past time for a meme.

Please take the 15 seconds to click on a choice! Descriptions of the memes are below the poll.

What meme should we do tomorrow?

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Showtunes Meme: Suggested by Maria. Basically, your characters are forced to break out into song, ususally spanning over several comments. Replies can either be normal prose or songs themselves, if the person is so musically inclined.

Crit/Praise Memes: Suggested by Kitty. First day is the crit meme. Anon will be optional. Basically, it's to help eachother improve our writing, characterization, plot, activity, etc, by making eachother aware of what can be done better. The next day is the second meme, where we all compliment eachother on things we've done right so far, and what we excel at.

Ten Facts Meme: We did this a little under a year ago, but seeing as our casts are vastly different now, and other people have picked up previous characters, it'd be fun to do again. Basically, you list out 10 facts about your character that are either not explicitly stated in canon or are headcanon. You never know, you might learn something nifty!

Forced Honesty Meme: Is exactly what it sounds like. Q&A style, IC.

Hotline Meme: Your character now works for a hotline. People call in and ask for anything, from mail orders, to advice, etc. That doesn't always mean they called the right number, though.

Show Some Love Meme: Characters are forced to hug/kiss/compliment/give a gift/confess/or cheese it up; some results can be done so they are completely platonic in every sense, so everyone can participate!

Truth or Dare Meme: Ok, who hasn't played this before? Characters get asked truth or dare; they are magically bound to their choices and must see them through! The usual boundaries of PG-13 apply with this, as always.

Well, I think that's about it! Get in your votes, or have no say at all! Tee hee. Oh gosh, that sounds so mean. I'm sorry. ;;
13th-Jul-2011 02:17 pm - Time to start up the event bus!
Bibbidi bobbidi boo!
Hello, dearies!

As you probably read in KJ's announcement, I, Rose Marie, am now the Event Coordinator! (And, as an added bonus, I'm also no longer the unofficial Fairy Godmother of d_a.)

I already have a few ideas floating around in my head, but I want your opinions, too!

Tell me of all your dreams
Of settings with skies of pink and blue
Or events and memes with golden seams
And with a flick of my wand, I'll make them come true!

But only so long as you're all in bed by midnight, that is! Like that'll ever happen.
13th-Jul-2011 11:59 am - NEW CHARACTER
Sinbad isn't the only sly one.
HEY YA'LL, Gato here (AKA Brooklyn-mun)!

I am here to introduce my second character, Proteus from Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas! He'll be glad to know that there are more thieves and pirates here than back at home. :| Wellnonotreally, BUT that's besides the point.

He's a well rounded prince who is loyal to the end, and he is one of Sinbad's old friends from the past.

Proteus here will be teaching Swordsmanship when fall rolls around again. SO YEAH thought I'd let you guys know.
12th-Jul-2011 03:51 pm - two drops! :c
pretty colors!

I'm going to drop Giselle (maidofcurtains) and Dug (a_talking_dug). It's entirely possible that they may be back someday, but right now, neither are ~awake~ for me and having them sitting in the back of my mind has been more than a little distracting.

If anyone wants to work out handwaved goodbyes with me, please let me know! I'm totally open for that, as I know neither of them would just up and leave without telling people. I just couldn't get them to perk up enough to make a post for that, so handwaving it is.


The Derpbus now consists of Dave and Dory. I don't know which one is driving and I don't want to find out. :|
11th-Jul-2011 11:13 pm - Bit o' Player Plot!
wiper fu
Hello everybody! It's me, you're resident Lamar with a bit of plotty goodness for anyone who is interested.

As some of you may recall, Jackie made a post/challenge to students in his class involving a red handkerchief.   (See this Link)

Well, since the BME is over, and that challenge still stands, who wants to have a crack at it?  We can plot it out here or via IM, whichever you prefer, this post was basically to give everyone a heads up and to see who all might be interested.
11th-Jul-2011 06:38 pm - BACK
running wild and free

so uh

i'm back from Florida 8D

i'd post pictures or something, but none of the pictures i took were on my camera. 8D;; i don't. actually have a camera. ...whoops? IT WAS AWESOME, THOUGH. i was completely disoriented by the sheer size of the magic kingdom. i got frustrated crossing Main Street 'cause it was so much wider than in Disneyland. XD;;
but back on topic: i'll get Rapunzel up in full swing in a sec. i expect harassings in her next post. 'cause CHOP CHOP, PEOPLE
ilu all~
8th-Jul-2011 10:12 am(no subject)
I have to really apologize to each and every one of you. I don't know what happened but the last few months have been Hell on my Disney muses. So I'm still on slowatus that's more like a hiatus because I can't even do anything. You all have been fantastically supportive and I'll do my best to get back to you. Ultimately my RL is fine, it's just my head isn't in the game to the point where I consider wrapping up storylines and dropping (crazy, right?!)

So yeah. We'll see what happens. I felt you deserved a heads-up.
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